Capital Country Radio has a number of special programs, with more to come!

All times shown are Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Australian Bush Balladeers Show with Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson

Fridays at 6am
Eastern Daylight Summer Time

Mondays at 7pm


Showcase Australia with Connie Kis Andersen

Thursdays at 7pm
Eastern Daylight Summer Time

Sundays at 10am

Current date and time in Tamworth, Australia's Country Music Capital

Capital Country Radio is an internet radio station dedicated to playing the best of Australian country music, including classic tracks from years gone by and a smattering of new music!

Capital Country Radio broadcasts from Tamworth, Australia's Country Music Capital.

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ARTISTS / MUSIC DISTRIBUTORS! If you have material you would like played on Capital Country Radio, email tracks to info@capitalcountryradio.com, send to us via dropbox or post CDs to PO Box 933 Tamworth 2340

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